Oliveira Campos Consultoria

Legal Market

Oliveira Campos Consultoria helps law firms find answers for various questions that torment their partners. Check if some of them have also prevented your firm from standing out on the market:

Strategic management

  • How to administer a law firm?
  • Our partners don’t understand one another. How to change this?
  • We’re growing, but in an uneven way. How to organize this growth?

People management

  • Our lawyers find it hard to get along. What now?
  • How to select the professionals we need?
  • How to retain the best lawyers?

Legal marketing and prospection management

  • How to make our lawyers prospect business opportunities?
  • How to form the pricing of our services?
  • How to analyze the results generated?
  • How to effectively use social media in the firm’s communication?
  • How to plan and execute marketing that conforms with Bar rules and yields results?


The +QPerformance software brings together the main people management policies so that you may obtain maximum commitment from all of your staff.

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Our training courses are based on three fundamental premises:

  • They are geared to participants’ specific needs;
  • They combine practical experience with a solid academic grounding;
  • They are highly dynamic and use different learning resources (cases, games, videos and coaching techniques, among others).

Check out some of our most popular programs:

  • Effective Leadership
  • Effective Communication – Methodology Developed by Barnes & Conti (USA)
  • Advanced Negotiation Skills for Lawyers (Harvard University)
  • Business Lawyer Training
  • Customer service as a competitive differential in the legal market
  • Selecting lawyers competently

Coaching and Careers

Coaching work, as undertaken by Oliveira Campos Consultoria, develops both a new professional awareness and the competencies needed to put it into practice. Our vast experience of the legal market shows that certain difficulties are more common among lawyers and can be successfully overcome with our coaching projects, among which:

  • How to truly act as a partner?
  • How to keep morale high among the professionals in my team?
  • How to prospect new business?
  • How to manage time and gear it to what truly matters?
  • How to evaluate lawyers’ performance and give feedback correctly?
  • What is the next stage in my career? How to plan my growth?
  • And much more.