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We rely on several consolidated work methodologies, which are the basis for the formulation of projects:

Strategic management

  • Strategic planning, restructuring of companies and change management
  • Strategic management implementation and follow-up
  • Result management implementation with financial, operational and personnel KPIs

Commercial and marketing management

  • Analysis of businesses’ market viability
  • Commercial planning
  • Structuring of nationwide top performing sales teams (salespeople, representatives, regional managers, national managers etc)
  • Sales Agents Training Program (FAN)
  • Creation and execution of sales conventions

People management

  • Talent recruitment and selection
  • Team performance management
  • Differential remuneration programs (profit-sharing, stock options etc)
  • Tailored remuneration research
  • Creation and implementation of a company Training and Development Plan


The +QPerformance brings together the main people management policies for you to be able to obtain maximum commitment from everyone who works for you.

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Coaching and Careers

Our model prioritizes reflection before action, while at the same type using a pragmatic approach. With each session, participants expand their field of perception and develop new practices that broaden the spectrum of opportunities in everyday life. This work has proven decisive for the development of numerous people, contributing to:

  • Enhanced productivity and capacity to execute;
  • Development of leadership competency;
  • More satisfactory relationships;
  • Broader business outlook.


We undertake various training courses related to the development of technical, behavioral and business competencies. These are our own methodologies, developed over the course of many years of studies and experiences, or from third parties, conceived by reputable international partners. The result: people with different perceptions and behaviors, and your company closer to achieving its objectives. Check out some of the programs we most frequently hold:

  • Effective Leadership
  • Factory Floor Leadership
  • Effective Communication
  • Exercising Influence: Methodology developed by Barnes & Conti (USA)
  • Advanced Negotiation Skills (Harvard University)
  • Business Agent Training: from the common salesperson to the business professional
  • Customer Service Management as a Competitive Differential
  • Competent Selection Interviewing