About Us

Oliveira Campos Consulting was founded in July 2001, based on the experience and initiative of Sebastião de Oliveira Campos Filho, and representing an extension of his career as an executive and consultant.

Executive Search

We find the professional that your organization requires to generate the results it needs.

Oliveira Campos Consulting has developed a broad network of relationships in various markets. This ensures greater ease and speed to find the professional that your company seeks.

Consulting & Training

In times of tough competition, your company must clearly define its aims, implement the right management tools and align its people to the chosen strategy.

The training programs hosted by Oliveira Campos Consulting are always conceived to generate changes in participants’ way of thinking and acting. This is why they generate effective results.

Coaching & Careers

In the current business setting, organizations need professionals capable of understanding complex situations, making decisions with swiftness and consistency, and engaging all team members in the search for results.

This is certainly not a simple challenge. Beyond traditional technical competences, it requires executives to possess a differentiated capacity to analyze scenarios, relate well with other team members and self-observe.

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